How to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath

Bad breath is embarrassing and can be inhibiting to your personality. It will also turn people away from you. A good smelling breath leaves a lasting impression.

It is caused primarily by bacteria in the mouth. In the morning most people have nasty breath which goes away by brushing. But if there is build up of bacteria, bad smell might come at other times also.

The best way to find out out if you have bad smell is to ask people close to you and figure out.

Reasons for bad breath

Apart from bad bacteria there are other reasons also which can cause bad breath

Diseases like diabetes, stomach issues, and respiratory tract problems can cause bad odor.

Cavities, gum diseases, tonsils can cause bad smell.

How to remove

You should regularly see a dentist twice a year.

Regular brushing, floss and mouthwash take care of your oral hygiene.  Ideally flossing and brushing should be done after every heavy meal.

Mouth washes help to take care of plaque. You should use a mouthwash that acts on bacteria than cosmetic ones which just freshen the breath. If mouthwash is not there, try and rinse with water so that any stuck particles in the mouth get removed.

Foods with bad smell

These include garlic, onions.

Meat and other non-vegetarian food can also induce bad smell.

Try avoiding such food.

More ways to remove

  • Avoid coffee
  • Drink water in good quantities
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid sweets which can stick to your teeth
  • Use sugarless gums that can increase saliva which helps to remove bad smell
  • Clean your tongue – there are brushes that can help you clean your tongue. But don’t overdo as it kills taste buds.