How smell and perfumes affect your mood

Smell affects mood

You can change your mood by changing what you smell.

The sense of smell is the strongest sense. It is the smell of chocolate that makes you crave for it or the smell of sex.

Smell has a powerful effect on behavior.  The smell of fresh bun increases your craving to have it. On the other hand smell of burnt bun can make you not to want it.

Smell also gives an indication of danger or uncomfortable environments.

Smell can influence 75% of your decisions without you being aware of it.

Smell can also ignite memories and certain smells can remind you of places, people, food or anything else that your brain may have associated with it.

Ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India are known to have practiced aromatherapy. The idea was to influence mood and use it for religious and other purposes.

Perfumes to influence mood

The perfumes you wear make an impression on others and also influence your mood. Thus you should know what kind of scents you should use to enhance mood:

Happy: Floral smells promote happiness. You can also complement your mood with other fresh and subtle perfumes. Floral perfumes will promote happiness.

Dejected: If you are depressed, citrus or jasmine perfumes stimulate your brain and boost your morale.

Reserved: Splash on some perfume that is billows in summer flowers. The fragrance should not be overwhelming.

Seductive: Musk and vanilla can help your seduction mood going. These are known aphrodisiacs which enhance the libido.

Calm: Lavender and chamomile brings relaxing mood. They rejuvenate the senses and keep you serene all day.