Get rid of stinky feet

Stinky feet

Smelly feet are never good. You go somewhere or come back home, open your shoes or socks and that fishy smell vitiates the environment. It does not go away even after you wash them many times and you feel embarrassed.

Follow the simple tips to never ever go through the ordeal again.

Causes of stinky feet

Unwashed socks worn continuously gives bad smell as sweat dries up.

Flip flops or sandals specially made of leather absorb sweat and give smelly feet.

Getting rid of smelly feet

Always wear washed socks. Do not wear synthetic socks and use cotton.

Clean the insides of your shoes, sandals, flip flops or footwear regularly. Avoid wearing leather without any socks. Plastics can react with sweat so be careful while buying. As a general rule avoid inferior quality footwear and prefer canvas that let your feet breathe and prevent stinky shoes.

Avoid wearing same shoe for more than two days continuously.

In summer try wearing open sandals which let your feet breathe.

Get that pedicure once in a while.

During bath wash your feet properly with antibacterial soap. Dry them properly later.

After bath, put a good smelling powder especially in between the fingers.

Try foot odor removal powders, Dr Scholls is a popular one. Before wearing socks or footwear apply these on your feet.

Avoid deodorant sticks etc. which can close the pores and interfere with sweating.

Consult a doctor if none of these get rid of foot odor. The doctor would typically recommend antifungal powders and tablets.