Choosing the best aftershave

Every morning men go through the same rituals. And shaving forms a very important part unless you love your beard. A good aftershave helps in many ways and it is lighter than colognes. The aftershave acts as an antiseptic for any cuts and conditions the skin apart from smelling good.

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Types of aftershaves

Alcohol based aftershaves can close your pores and they are more stinging for cuts. These contain 1 to 3% of perfume oils.

Balms, lotions and gels are gentle than aftershaves and suited for sensitive skins.

Balms typically come with natural products which reduce irritation and do not contain alcohol. Lotions and splashes close pores and prevent irritation.

Wearing the aftershave

Best aftershave

The aftershave should complement the perfume that you wear. If you have different smell on both of them, the effect of each gets limited.

Choosing the best aftershave

Don’t choose an aftershave just for that great smell. You should also check if it suits. This means that it should be apt for your skin type and should work properly for cuts. A sensitive skin will develop rashes in case the appropriate aftershave is not used.

The smell should convey sense of freshness and should not be heavy.

Choose your own perfume based on the smell that you like and that suits your body chemistry. Don’t go blindly with recommendations from others as it can smell very different on your body type.

Skin type is very important in deciding an aftershave. Balms can be good for dry skins as they will contain moisturizers also. On the other hand for normal skin aftershave balms can make it oily. For oily skins avoid balms and use aftershave lotions and splashes only. If you get cut then even if your skin is oily it is good to apply lotion or splash on the cut.

Cheap aftershaves can be bad for your skin so avoid them.

Apart from branded ones, there are handmade aftershaves which are popular like the Bay Rum aftershave.

How much to use

To use a splash take a small amount in your hand rub to spread it in both the palms and apply it to your cheeks and neck where you have shaved. This will keep your smell fresh for 3 to 6 hours when a light aftershave is used.

Best aftershaves to buy

Tom Ford Eau De Toilette Spray

Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men, After Shave Splash

Lustray Bay Rum After Shave