Ways to make your hair smell nice

Hair smell nice

Hair by itself never has a smell. So any smell good or bad entirely depends on what you are doing to your hair or scalp. There are many ways to make your hair smell good.

Never spray normal perfume onto your hair. It can make hair very dry and also cause damage to the hair. There are hair perfumes and you can try those.

Use a good shampoo with a nice smell that lasts long. If you use a separate conditioner, get one that has a good fragrance. Herbal essences, Tressme are shampoos that smell good.

Following the above steps can get you a good smelling hair.

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How to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath

Bad breath is embarrassing and can be inhibiting to your personality. It will also turn people away from you. A good smelling breath leaves a lasting impression.

It is caused primarily by bacteria in the mouth. In the morning most people have nasty breath which goes away by brushing. But if there is build up of bacteria, bad smell might come at other times also.

The best way to find out out if you have bad smell is to ask people close to you and figure out.

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