Tips on How to Smell Good

A bad odor is big deterrent for anyone around you. And hence how to smell good all day is a very relevant question?

A nice fragrance does pep your mood and everyone around you gets an impression of a great personality.

A great smell can impress your date and your boyfriend will adore you for the fragrance.

Some people have the notion that strong perfumes or deodorants can take care of bad odor but the fact is that the effects of these are time bound and they wear off.

It’s not difficult if you are aware of what causes bad smell and avoid them.

Areas that smell bad

One of the most important points to identify is which areas of your body smells bad. You can take help of family members or close friends to identify if you cannot figure this out by yourself.

There are few main areas:

1.) Mouth

Bad breath

A bad smell in mouth can arise if brushing is not done properly.

Foods like garlic, onion can induce bad smell from breath.

You can also suffer from bad breath due to halitosis which is caused due to gum disease, food, or plaque. Floss, good toothpaste and toothbrush are very important to be used in this condition.

2.) Hair

Hair Smelling Good

Oils or other hair products can have bad smell. You should be aware of them and try to use perfumed variants wherever possible.
Also see – Ways to make your hair smell good.

3.) Armpits

Armpits smell

Armpits get sweaty the most specially in summers.

4.) Pubic area

Feminine odor

If you are out for long the pubic area and genitals get sweat and start smelling bad. The feminine odor can be very embarrassing if not taken care of.

5.) Feet

Smelly feet

Socks worn for long, not cleaned properly or worn continuously can induce smell into your feet.

Shoes worn without socks can also cause smells. Leather sandals are also known to start smelling bad after a few days.

6.) Hands

Smelly hands

After a meal, if you use your hands, there can be a strong smell that moves to your hand. The odor is stronger in case of non-vegetarian food.

7.) Bad stomach

Bad stomach

If you have a bad stomach or gas, you can introduce bad smell. Not much can be done here but you can take care of your stomach to stop this.

What not to eat to smell bad

Have you ever been told that your smell is bad when going for that kiss? Yes, foods with bad smell can be a big deterrent.

Foods that smell

To prevent bad odor arising from food avoid

  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Durian
  • Stinky Tofu
  • Broccoli
  • Vieux-Boulogne Cheese, Gorgonzola cheese and other cheese products
  • Red meat

There are other foods which you can avoid to prevent gas. These include

  • Beans and legumes
  • Broccoli
  • Junk food
  • Coffee is acidic and can cause smell
  • Eggs – Foods containing chlorine can smell bad

What not to apply

Avoid hair oils and shampoos that smell bad. Use good smelling hairspray.

Avoid creams that smell bad. Use cream and sunscreens that smell good.

How to smell Nice – Some Tips

How to Smell Good

How to Smell Good

1.) Bathe regularly

Bathing gets rid of your natural body odor. You should wash your armpits and genitals. Also feet should be washed well specially if you wear shoes and socks which can smell very often.

2.) Deodorant

Get a good deodorant and apply it. Keep it close to you even in workplace, vehicle if you sweat a lot.

3.) Perfumes and colognes

Apply perfumes or colognes mildly on wrists, neck, knees.

4.) After shave for male

If you are a male, use a good after shave.

5.) Brush your teeth regularly

Brush your teeth regularly. Rinse or use a good mouthwash after every meal.

Use floss regularly to clean food stuck in tooth gaps.

6.) Dress appropriately

Dresses are important especially in summers so as to ensure that you do not sweat unnecessarily. Cotton and natural fibers are better at reducing sweating than most of the synthetic clothing materials.

7.) Eat properly and according to occasion.

Avoid food listed earlier and according to occasion. If you have no engagement then you can easily eat everything. But if you have a party or a date, avoid having foods that can leave a lingering bad smell specially if you will not be able to brush in between.

8.) Avoid smoking

Smoking can easily permeate your fingers and dress as well apart from your mouth. Avoid it, it’s not good for your health anyways.

9.) Fresh feet

Foot odor is a common problem. Scrub your feet regularly and dry them properly. Odor absorbing insoles in the shoes can also help.

A regular pedicure at a salon will also be good.

Choose Perfumes or other how to smell good products intelligently

Buy perfumes which are more natural and contain fewer chemicals.

One of the most important points to remember is that the perfume should last long. If the fragrance wears off quickly then there is not much use of perfumes. You can also check tips on choosing perfume.

Anti perspirants as a general rule should be avoided as they block the natural process of sweating which is not a good thing.

Top perfumes for women

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Lovely was created by Sarah Jessica Parker in 2005. It is one of the most popular perfumes.

The head notes are apple martini,mandarin, lavender, bergamot and rosewood.
The heart notes are patchouli, orchid and paper whites.
The bottom notes are cedar, amber and musk
Lovely is not a typical celebrity perfume which has a lot of fizz. It is a perfume for all ages and is not girly or mature in the typical sense. It can be worn for most occasions also.
The best thing about the perfume is that the ingredients combine well to give a fresh feeling and none of them are too overpowering. It’s not flowery or fruity.
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Lovely Eau de Parfum for Women by Sarah Jessica Parker is a celebrity perfume very popular among women
Brand: Lovely
Manufacturer: Sarah Jessica Parker
4.3 based on 333 reviews
$26.62 New

Selena Gomez perfume
Selena Gomez’s perfume is great for girls.

The head notes are pineapple, raspberry and peach.
The heart notes are musk, purple freesia, dewberry.
The bottom notes are chocolate, vanilla and amber.
The ingredients of the perfume were decided by voting by Serena Gomez’s fans. It is fruity and sweet and good for young girls.

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Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture

Viva la Juicy is considered to be the best of the Juicy Couture perfumes and was launched in 2008.

The head notes of Wild Berries and Mandarin.
The heart notes are Honeysuckle, Jasmine & Gardenia.
The base notes are Amber, Sandalwood, Carmel Woods, Praline and Vanilla.
It is light and smells fruity, floral and girly. There are reviews that it does not last long.

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